Ilze Alberts

Who is Ilze Alberts (also known by many as Ilze van der Merwe)

Ilze is the founder of Bella Vida Centre, a family focused professional wellness centre in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a registered psychologists and coach, a senior Demartini Method® Facilitator, an international speaker, author and businesswoman. She is well known as a family expert and human behaviour specialist.

Ilze Alberts deeply believes in the genius and brilliance that is present in every person and she is passionate in assisting the discovery and empowerment of that genius and brilliance for people of all ages. She is inspired to assist every person, young and old to lead lives that are masterful, powerful, inspiring and beautiful.

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Something about Ilze, the person

Ilze is happily married to Roelf Alberts, an international businessman and entrepreneur. She has two powerful adult children of her own, Charné and Jacques and a stepson, Louis-Franz. Ilze has overcome many big challenges in her life, from divorce from her first husband (the father of her children), death of her second husband, chronic disease to business failures and successes. She says there is not much she has not experienced yet and she perceives her life experiences as her biggest teachers and opportunities in her attempt to learn to live a masterful, powerful, inspiring and beautiful life. She calls herself a student of life and has deep love for learning about human behaviour and assisting others and herself in applying the most successful approaches and tools in mastery of life. 

Her favourite quote is: Everything I experience guides me to my most authentic self. Dr John Demartini.

What others are saying about Ilze


She specializes in the following areas of human behaviour:

  • Children of all ages and play therapy.
  • Parental guidance
  • Filial play therapy for professionals, parents,teachers and care givers
  • Psychology-coaching for adults, a goal orientated, short term, high- focus - on - results approach. Many people today do not have time for months of therapy and searches for quick results and solutions to their challenges. This is Ilze's approach.
  • Coaching for couples to alleviate challenges and stuckness in their relationships and create the relationships they deserve to have.
  • Trauma counselling
  • Sexual therapy and education
  • Life skills seminars for adults and teenagers and she applies the Demartini Method® in assisting people to break through whatever is holding them back.
  • Leadership development for corporates and businesses.

Ilze offers coaching packages for the following 

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Entrepreneurs and business people

Ilze is a popular speaker

She has developed and presented many talks and workshops internationally for adults, children, couples, parents, teachers, health professionals, caregivers, businesses and corporates

Ilze is an author

Easy answers to awkward questions - Co-author is Nikki Bush - Buy at Kalahari

Maklike antwoorde op ongemaklike vra - Co-author is Nikki Bush - Buy at Kalahari

Where do I come from

Ilze's achievements

Founder of Bella Vida Centre in Bryanston, Johannesburg

1. Has been a member of the "Board of Experts" for Unilever as a Child Psychologist, to promote the importance of play for both children and parents in South Africa.
2. Judge of "Toy of the Year" in South Africa.
3. Regular guest speaker on various television broadcasts and radio stations: SABC "3-Talk" with Noleen, Great Expectations, SAFM, Metro FM and many more.
4.Quoted in various magazines and newspapers: Living and Loving, Your Family, Femina, Baby & Toddler, Smile Club, True Love, Sarie, Oxygen, Women and Home, Cosmopolitan, Psychologies, Pappas and Mammas, Destiny, The Star, Pretoria News, The Times, Sunday Times, Business Day, Sunday Independence, Oprah and many more.
5. Co-Author with Nicky Bushof "Easy Answers to Awkward Questions" and "Maklike Antwoorde op Moeilike Vrae" books on sexual education for children. Author of "Where do I come from?".
6. She is also the the author of a parenting series, addressing challenges parents face in parenting their children.
7. Presenter at nursery schools and primary schools and conferences(nationally and internationally): "How and when to tell your kids about the birds and the bees"
8. Popular speaker at corporations and business meetings on topics regarding parenting, self-empowerment, successful business strategies for health professionals and entrepreneurs and building powerful families and leadership. She has presented at the following schools, conferences, and companies:

- St David's  - Charterhouse  -Mountain Cambridge School -  St Benedict's  - St Stithians  -Advtech  - Crawford Fourways  - Crawford Lonehill  - Crawford Village  - St John's  - St Mary's  - Greenside Nursery School - Waterkloof House Preparatory School  - Bellavista  - Jolly Dees  - Bedfordview Preprimary  - Fleming Preprimary  - Bryanston Parallel  - Kyalami Preparatory School  - Redhill  - HeronBridge  - Brescia House  - Pretoria Preparatory School  - Pecanwood College, Hartebeespoort  - St Peter's School for Girls  - St Peter's School for Boys  - Leeuwenhof Akademie  - 3 Talk with Noeleen  - SABC 1: Yo TV Blue Couch  - Men and Women against Child Abuse  - Pappas and Mammas  - Bryanston Preprimary  - BUNS  - Advtech Principles Conference  - The Ridge School  - Parks Pre-primary  - ISASA conference 2011: keynote speaker  - Investec  - Silica  - Oracle - Nedbank  - SA Taxi Association  - Young Professional Organization  - Discovery Health  - Microsoft   - YPO Pretoria Chapter  - The Association for Dietetics in South Africa  - Maureen Kark & Associates  - REWA Education Centre, Gabarone, Botswana

09.Nominated as one of South Africa's most influential Woman in Business and Government in Health Industry in 2008.
10. Expert psychologist under "Ask Ilze" for Living and Loving
11. Senior Demartini Method® Facilitator.
12. Known as one of South Africa's leading family experts
13. Keynote speaker at ISASA annual conference in 2011
14. Featured in Business Day's Health News: Ilze was interviewed for her contribution in body-mind
15. Contributed to "Intiem" supplement: "Die bytjies, blommetjies en my kind" December 2011, 2012, 2013.
16. "The Irreverent Mother's Handbook" by Sam Cowen and Lee Van Loggerenberg: Ilze was responsible for the information on sexual education for toddlers.
17. "Embracing Retrenchment. A practical guide for the retrenched individual" by Leon and Wanda Winterboer. Ilze was responsible for the information on "Your relationship with  your children"
18."Expat Living" by Barbara Bruehwiler. Ilze was responsible for the information on "Accompanying Children".
19. Trainer of facilitators for John Demartini's Breakthrough Experience; the first one in the world to do this.

Attended and facilitated in some of the following Demartini seminars:

  • Breakthrough Experience, 20 times, both attending and facilitating.
  • Master Planning for Life, 4 times
  • Prophecy 1 :Become the prophet of your own destiny, 4 times
  • Prophecy 2 :How to decode your body's messages
  • Emperyeance 1 :Ancient to modern sciences, religions and philosophies of the world, the greatest story ever told, attended twice
  • Empyreance 5 :Investigation into the history of humanity
  • Demartini Method® training program, 4 times
  • Demartini on Business Success, 3 times
  • Demartini Method® Training Level 2 training program
  • Demartini on Financial Success, 3 times 
  • Inspired Lifestyle and Leadership, on the ship, "The World"
  • Sacred Healing, twice
  • Demartini on loving relationships
  • Personal consultations with Dr. John Demartini, 5 times

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